Here Are Rachel Bloom’s Favorite Songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2

Rachel Bloom. Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s second season came to a dramatic close, you’d be forgiven if you were too hooked on the narrative to consider the deeper, more probing questions. Namely, which of the 35 songs the show premiered in its second season does creator and star Rebecca Bloom like the most? Well luckily, as EW reported, the answer is nigh. In an interview discussing the plot turns and best moments of season two, and in celebration of the official season-two soundtrack — which contains five bonus tracks, bringing CXG’s song release total to an astonishing 88 songs in two seasons — Bloom briefly revisited the never-broadcast “Period Sex” before touching on her favorite musical moments of the season. “They’re all my babies,” Bloom said. “[But] I would say my top three are maybe ‘The Math of Love Triangles,’ ‘Remember That We Suffered,’ and ‘We Tapped That Ass.’” Watch one of Bloom’s favorites (featuring the Queen, Patti LuPone), below. And then you can listen to 87 other songs and probably be done just in time for CXG season three.

Here Are Rachel Bloom’s Favorite Songs From CXG Season 2