Here, Finally, Is Matthew Perry’s Favorite Chandler Bing One-Liner

Chnandler Bong. Er, sorry, Chandler Bing. Photo: NBCUniversal

In its hit ten-season run on NBC, Friends traversed a lot of territory: Friends were made. Coffee was consumed. Relationships were had, and un-had, and then had again. Still, through its long history, Friends — or as Dong from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt calls it, Six White Complainers — was truly consistent in one area: Chandler Bing’s zippy, sarcastic retorts. To, well, anything really. Well today, Prime Minister puncher Matthew Perry finally revealed his favorite of his beloved character’s signature verbal jabs. In an interview with Good Morning America, Perry said his favorite comeback is from season two, in the episode “The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend.” In one scene, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is trying to convince Chandler to use his longtime tailor. After taking a while to remember how old he was when he got his first suit (“I was 15. No wait … 16. No, excuse me, 15. All right, when was 1990?”), Chandler pauses, then says — drumroll, please — “Okay, you have to stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance.” Which is, if you ask us, among the more cutting of his quips. Leave it to Chandler Bing himself to like the Chandler Bing–iest of insults.

Watch this video to see jokes like these going wrong in the best bloopers from Friends.

Here Is Matthew Perry’s Favorite Chandler Bing One-Liner