Here’s a Very Canadian Photo of Samantha Bee Visiting a Canadian Musical and Holding a Canadian Fish

O Canada! Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Sometimes you see a photo and just shout “Canada!” This happens a lot with Justin Trudeau, but occasionally with other things: beautiful maple syrup, a particularly polite moose, and now, late-night hosts holding seafood. On Friday night, Samantha Bee, a Canadian, went to see the feel-good Canadian musical Come From Away, which also happens to be a favorite of Trudeau and Ivanka Trump. The show’s cast took photos with Bee and fellow Canuck, writer Allana Harkin, as she embraced a prop of a Newfoundland cod. Afterward, they all went out to eat poutine and talk about how they still have a queen.

Here’s a Very Canadian Photo of Samantha Bee