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See a Very Pregnant Natalie Portman Swimming in James Blake’s New Music Video

Natalie Portman may have skipped the Oscars due to her pregnancy, but it seems that she was still game to take her very pregnant self to a pool and float around in it for James Blake’s new music video. Besides a brief appearance from a small child we assume is her firstborn, 5-year-old Aleph, “My Willing Heart” is just long, slow shots of Portman in the water and Portman on a bed, and at one point, the soon-to-be-born baby Amalia (who was born in late February) having a very active moment in the womb. As the actress was egregiously ignored by Hollywood’s voting bodies during awards season despite her phenomenal performance in the movie Jackie, this music video was clearly time better spent.

James Blake’s New Video Has a Very Pregnant Natalie Portman