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The Passengers Blooper Reel Looks Way Better Than the Movie

A short time ago in a galaxy that’s actually quite close, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt kinda fell in love. “Kinda” because — spoiler alert — Chris Pratt did this super-uncool thing where he woke Jennifer Lawrence from her deep eternal slumber so he could have a buddy to meet his inevitable demise with. There’s some other standard bad space movie stuff — robots, a failing spacecraft, romantic dinners — but, hey, it could’ve been much, much worse. But now out of that very bad movie comes a solid blooper reel, courtesy of BuzzFeed. Watch as JLaw, Pratt, Laurence Fishburne, and Michael Sheen laugh their way through a movie that, at the time, seemed like a very good and fun idea.

The Passengers Blooper Reel Looks Better Than the Movie