sponcon does cost a thing

Jennifer Lopez Sued for Failing to Promote a Hoverboard Company You Consequently Haven’t Heard Much About

Spon-con gone wrong Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

A 21st-century lesson: Don’t give a pop star your hoverboards unless you’re absolutely sure they’re going to tweet about them. Hoverboard manufacturer Sidekick Group has filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez for failing to promote their product. The company gave Lopez 42 custom hoverboards to use in her Las Vegas show back in 2015, back when hoverboards were vaguely cool and we all somehow accepted the fact that we would call them that despite the fact that they don’t actually hover. In return, Lopez was expected to post about the hoverboards at least once every three months on Twitter and Instagram. She has only posted one tweet about them, which happens to be of her surrounded by hovering backup dancers performing “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”

Hoverboards, it turns out, do cost a thing. The company is seeking $54,390 in damages, which would cover the cost of the 42 hoverboards. Now, surely, that’s not a lot of money to someone like JLo, and really, this is a chance for Sidekick to get promo for itself. But more importantly: Why did we ever think it was okay to pay so much for hoverboards?

J.Lo Sued for Failing to Promote a Hoverboard Company