Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Says Take This 23-Minute Video of a Zebra Dancing and Do With It What You Will

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver recorded 23 minutes and 32 seconds of a person in a zebra suit dancing in front of a green screen, and on Sunday night, that footage was made available to you. (In the interest of full disclosure, the last two minutes or so depict the zebra reading in a contemplative fashion, becoming increasingly agitated by whatever news item he or she is reading. Please adjust your expectations accordingly.) Ostensibly the zebra ties into Sunday night’s episode of Oliver’s HBO show, but frankly, does it really matter? What matters is, this video is yours now. Go. Do what you need to do with it, whatever that might be. No — don’t reveal your designs. Those are not for us to know.

John Oliver Posts a 23-Minute Video of a Dancing Zebra