John Oliver Drafts an Addition to the American Health Care Act: the Freaky Friday Proviso

Last week, Sean Spicer infamously touted the size of his party’s very lean health-care plan. Big, tall stacks of paper count as “government.” Thin stacks of paper are “not,” the press secretary reasoned. Six pages of that scant new American Health Care Act, however, are devoted to a totally bizarre scenario: making sure states can quickly de-enroll sudden lottery winners. John Oliver summarizes this provision: “A not insignificant percentage of this bill is focused on the urgent matter of ‘What if one poor person suddenly becomes less poor?’” Just in case, Oliver drafts his own “What If” clause for something equally likely: a Freaky Friday. Read the summary below, and watch it at the 10:30 mark.

If the Medicaid recipient Freaky-Fridays into the body of an individual above 138 percent of the federal poverty line, states are obligated to de-enroll recipient until recipient Freaky-Fridays back, using wish or magic not otherwise specified, or Freaky-Fridays into an eligible body.
John Oliver Adds a Freaky Friday Clause to Health-Care Plan