Jonah Hill Directs Danny Brown in a Very Special ‘Ain’t It Funny’ Music Video

Perhaps inspired by his gig writing the Fresh Off the Boat theme song, Danny Brown’s new music video for his song “Ain’t It Funny” joins the long, grand sitcom tradition of navigating serious topics around an omnipresent laugh track. Instead of abusing caffeine pills or getting trapped in a discarded refrigerator, however, director Jonah Hill uses the backdrop of a classic ’90s multi-cam to address problems today’s children might be facing, like being stabbed by a human-sized Xanax, bedding and murdering your family, or getting impregnated by Growing Pains’ Joanna Kerns. “I’ve been destroyed, and if I destroy, maybe I’ll feel okay,” Uncle Danny admits to Gus Van Sant’s Dad in the midst of his breakdown. “None of us feel okay,” Dad reassures him as the music swells. And the audience roars on.

Jonah Hill Directs Danny Brown’s ‘Ain’t It Funny’ Video