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Judy Greer’s Delight in Watching Judy Greer Kiss Famous Actors Is Infectious

Though Judy Greer has had her shining moments as a star (R.I.P., Married), the actress has mostly made a career out of playing second-leads or comedic smaller parts, characters she refers to as “the best friend.” As she tells Conan O’Brien, this lot in life actually comes with some great perks — namely, kissing a bunch of hunky famous actors while the main character waits for Mr. Right. Knowing that she’s always loved her smooching scenes, Conan gave Greer the acting reel she’s always wanted: one completely made up of kisses. While the reel itself is fun (did you know the Ant-Man actress has locked lips with Patrick Wilson, Nicolas Cage, and George Clooney?), Greer’s pure delight in watching herself kiss Lily Tomlin is infectious.

Judy Greer Loves Watching Judy Greer Kiss Famous Actors