and the crowd goes wild

Lady Gaga Makes Her Drag Race Cameo As a Lady Gaga Drag Performer

RuPaul’s Drag Race doesn’t premiere until Friday, March 24, but you can see the best part of the entire ninth season right now, if you want. Courtesy of Conor Behan, a.k.a. Twitter user @platinumjones, and captured at VH1’s Drag Race premiere party, the extremely important video above reveals that Lady Gaga stops by the reality show undercover … as a Lady Gaga impersonator. God bless the editors for drawing out the moment of drama, because, you know, just like the cheering audience in the room, it only took however many milliseconds it takes for light to travel to the back of the human eye for this season’s contestants to realize it was her. Here’s hoping next season Lady Gaga commits and Ronnie gets his time in the sun. The sun, of course, is RuPaul’s benevolent face as he demands you lip-sync for your life.

Lady Gaga Makes Drag Race Cameo As Lady Gaga Drag Performer