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Lana Del Rey Teases Her New Album By Suggesting She Has Become an Optimistic Ghost in the Hollywood Sign

In the past, Lana Del Rey’s general vibe has oscillated ever so slightly between a depressed Marilyn Monroe and Dusty Springfield in a love coma. Whether it’s the positive response to her latest single “Love” or the side effect of her hex on Donald Trump, Del Rey is uncharacteristically optimistic in the new trailer for her album Lust for Life. “Even though these times can feel a little bit crazy, they aren’t so very different from what other generations have experienced at one time or another before,” Lana whispers over images of Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty. Don’t worry though. She’s still a Twilight Zone ghost that lives in the H of the Hollywood sign.

Lana Del Rey Teases New Album, Says She’s Haunting Hollywood