the house that jack built

Six Years After Being Banned, Lars von Trier Wants to Premiere His Next Feature at Cannes

Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

After getting himself banned from the Cannes Film Festival for jokingly calling himself a Nazi in 2011, Lars von Trier is plotting a comeback. The Danish director has a star-studded serial killer movie in the works, and he’s reportedly negotiating to premiere it at Cannes in 2018, according to The Guardian. Titled The House That Jack Built, the Danish director said the movie could be “maybe the most traditional film [he’s] made.” Originally meant to be a TV series, the director says the narrative is inspired by the rise of the “rat king” Donald Trump. Matt Dillon will star as a serial killer in the 1970s; his victims will include Uma Thurman, Sofie Gråbøl, and Riley Keough, though von Trier said the murderous main character won’t only prey on women. The controversial director’s return to Cannes is hardly confirmed, but he hinted that it could be possible: “I have talked to the people I know in Cannes and … yeah, maybe.”

Cannes ‘Persona Non Grata’ Lars von Trier in Talks to Return