‘Last Week Tonight’s ‘Catheter Cowboy’ Returns to Explain the GOP Healthcare Bill to Trump

Last month, Last Week Tonight found a creative way to sneak some facts into Donald Trump’s media diet by running ads during his favorite morning news shows, and during last night’s show, John Oliver dove deep into the Republican healthcare bill and revealed that the show has put together a brand new ad that will hopefully help Trump understand how terrible it is. “This bill is, in all likelihood, all Trump can get past to replace Obamacare, so it is fucking important everyone understands that is in it, and that the ‘something terrific’ that he promised – better coverage, lower costs, no one losing their health insurance – well, this bill is not it,” Oliver says before reintroducing the new “Catheter Cowboy” ad that will run during Fox & Friends this week. “Because, think about it: Who better to tell Trump what this bill will do than someone who stands to be hurt by it – someone in his 60s in rural America with an unspecified medical problem that requires constant treatment?”

‘Last Week Tonight’s ‘Catheter Cowboy’ Returns to […]