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Late Night Pokes Fun at Neil Gorsuch, Discovers How Difficult It Is to Make Fun of Someone Who Just Looks Like Some Guy

Unlike, say, virtually every other politician, current Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch holds the distinction of, well, not really holding any physical distinction at all. While some of our nation’s other leaders might bear a passing resemblance to Grandpa Munster or Eddie Munster or one of the other various Munsters, Trump’s pick for SCOTUS looks for all the world like just your random white guy, maybe a dad of some sort. Nary a weird haircut nor asymmetrical chin in sight.

Such was the problem seemingly faced by Late Night With Seth Meyers as they attempted to riff on Gorsuch’s fictional career based solely on his looks. Unlike, say, The Tonight Show’s NFL Superlatives, a bit in which jokes are mined from a group of people with a wide range of unique appearances, Gorsuch’s punchlines peg him as a kindly, generic husband who is finally satisfied with the strength of his erections. Which, hey, maybe he is, but at least throw in a serial killer or a Ned Flanders joke to mix it up.

Late Night Shows How Hard It Is to Make Fun of Neil Gorsuch