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If Mads Mikkelsen Was Going to Kill You — Not That Mads Mikkelsen Is Ever Going to Kill You — He Would Use His Hands, No Question

Mads Mikkelsen in Hannibal. Photo: NBC

Some eventualities are so shockingly horrible that you can’t begin to imagine how you’d respond if actually confronted. For Mads Mikkelsen, killing someone is not such a scenario. He’d use his bare hands to do it, almost definitely. The actor, who’s had his entire Hannibal run to slowly warp his reactions to these kinds of questions, explained his thinking to ShortList: “If it’s a passion thing, if it’s something you’re passionate about, you have to use your hands. There’s no way around it. A gun is out of the question. You’ve got to use your hands. If it’s personal life, yes, hands.” While you were busy full-body-spasming from the massive chill that answer sent tunneling up through your spine, Mikkelsen continued, “If you use your hands, it becomes more personal. If you can live with the aftermath of it, there is apparently a much bigger satisfaction, using your hands.” Bon appétit.

Mads Mikkelsen Would Use His Hands to Kill