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Mandy Moore and the Horrified Look on Her Face Do Not Endorse Your Grim Tangled-Frozen Fan Theory

Mandy Moore. Photo: TV Line

Fan theories have increasingly become an integral, compulsive facet of the way we enjoy art. Which, whatever rocks your robots’ socks off, you do you, whatever. But if you don’t want to terrorize Mandy Moore, maybe don’t theorize the darkest possible timeline? Speaking with TV Line, Moore caught wind of a long-circulating Disney fan theory, and the voice of Tangled’s Rapunzel does not like it. According to its logic, Rapunzel and Flynn are seen attending Elsa’s coronation in Frozen because Elsa and Anna’s parents died while en route to the Rapunzel and Flynn wedding depicted in Tangled Ever After. (Offshoots of this theory include suggestions that it is the Frozen monarch’s shipwreck that Ariel finds in The Little Mermaid, and that Tarzan is Elsa and Anna’s brother — the latter of which has even been semi-confirmed.) But, as satisfying as it may be to build a complex, interconnected universe out of presumptions and fairy dust, “there is no connection,” as far as Moore knows. She also thinks the possibility is a bridge too far. “That’s a pretty morbid fan theory. It feels like someone really reaching into Lost territory or something,” she said. Come on, now. It’s not like anyone brought up Brother Bear.

Mandy Moore Does Not Endorse Grim Tangled-Frozen Fan Theory