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Mike Pence on Oscars Best Picture Blunder: Not That Many ‘Shocked Hollywood Liberals’ Since Election Day

Mike Pence. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

A week later, people’s fascination with the Oscars’ Best Picture blunder is fading. So leave it to Vice-President Mike Pence to prod the wound anew with a comparison to an event that no one actually is ready to stop talking about: Donald Trump’s election. Pence spoke at the annual Gridiron Dinner in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, where he joked about the La La LandMoonlight mistake. “Speaking of show business, did you all see what happened at the Oscar’s last week? … It really was something,” he cued before dropping the hammer. “They gave out the Best Picture award to the wrong film. I gotta tell you, we haven’t seen that many shocked Hollywood liberals since, I don’t know, November the eighth?” To which the Hollywood liberals in question presumably say, Too soon.

Mike Pence Compares Oscars Mix-Up to Election Day Shock