Mindy Kaling Confirms ‘The Mindy Project’ Will End After Season 6

The end is near for The Mindy Project. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mindy Kaling revealed that her Fox comedy-turned-Hulu series will return for a sixth season in September, and it will also be the final season. Here’s what Kaling said about the decision:

I mean this half-jokingly, but at a certain point it was like, I think she’s dated every man in Manhattan. Sex and the City lasted for, what, six seasons with 10 episodes each? I don’t know that there’s been a show about a woman trying to find love in New York City that has lasted quite this long. And frankly, there’s no more actors in Hollywood left to date. [Laughs.] That’s my joking answer. But the thing about these characters, especially this past season, is that we’ve really gotten into their romantic and interior lives, like Ed Weeks’ character, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Xosha Roquemore, all of them. That’s been really fun, and it just felt like… we’ve seen so much of Mindy’s dating adventures, and I love that, but we’ve seen this character go through dating stuff a lot. We’ve seen her be a mom, and we even had enough time to explore that. We started this series when she was single, and now she’s married and has a kid and she has a stepdaughter, and it kind of just felt like [a few] more episodes was all we needed to wind this down.

Kaling also spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the season 5 finale and her plans to “blow the lid off the show” for the final season: “I’m so excited. I’ve never been able to write toward the end of a season, and I’m obviously obsessed with cinematic stuff, so I’m really excited about this last season,” she said. “It’s going to be a great season.” Read the full interview here.

Mindy Kaling Confirms ‘The Mindy Project’ Will End […]