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Californian Children Will Soon Get Their Own Luxury Cinemas With Jungle Gyms

Photo: Dreamworks

Southern Californian parents out there who are dying to see the latest Disney movie but who are having trouble finding a babysitter to watch their children will soon have a solution. On March 16, Cinépolis USA is unveiling its special “Cinepolis Junior” theaters with jungle gyms in two Southern Californian complexes. According to Variety, the theaters will feature colorful décor, luxury seats for parents, and a 55-foot-long and 25-foot-high play structure with slides, mini merry-go-rounds, and all sorts of things to climb on. There’s also a small, fenced-in playpen with turf grass for toddlers to enjoy. The pleasure of seeing a film while children run and bounce will set viewers back an additional $3 to the regular movie prices. And really, why go to the local free playground, when you can pay close to $15 a pop with a new release playing in the background? It’s not like there’s a way to watch movies at home shortly after they leave theaters that allows kids to ignore the screen for a third of the cost. Right?

California Kids Will Soon Have Jungle Gyms in Movie Theaters