Schmidt’s First Name Is No Longer a New Girl Secret

Two New Girl characters with full names. Photo: Adam Taylor/FOX

On Tuesday night’s penultimate season-six episode of New Girl (and possible penultimate episode of the series), a long-held secret was finally revealed. If you wish to continue knowing Max Greenfield’s character only by his last name because you fear some sort of bizarro reverse-Rumpelstiltskin repercussions, don’t watch the episode and stop reading this post. Obviously, spoilers ahead.

Schmidt’s first name is Winston. Yes, as in Schmidt’s good friend and former roommate, Winston Bishop. Nick, Cece, and Jess are in possession of two friends with the given name Winston. Winston, around these parts, is a more popular name than Nick or Jess. Surely the sitcom now needs that seventh season to explore the possibilities of such a universe where Winstons are aplenty.

Schmidt’s First Name Is No Longer a New Girl Mystery