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Octavia Spencer Is Ready to Profit Off of America’s Inability to Tell Three Black Movies Apart in SNL Monologue

On its own, Hidden Fences is a bit of a clunky proposition. Since fences serve a clear purpose as a barrier, why would anyone in their right mind want to keep them hidden? So, if Octavia Spencer is going to suffer through the insult of people being unable to tell three whole black movies apart, she’s at least going to get ingenious about it (recall: Hidden Figures is the one about the geniuses). All of which it to say, the Academy might as well mistakenly hand the 2018 Oscar to the movie that’s not Hidden Fence Light right now, because that moon-set coming-of-age journey about intergalactic manual labor is going to clean shop.

Octavia Spencer Pitches Hidden Fence Light in SNL Monologue