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Sayonara, Rosewood: One Pretty Little Liars Star Wasn’t Too Keen on the Show’s Series Finale

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/2016 Getty Images

The greatest social-media show to ever grace the airwaves, Pretty Little Liars, will be ending its untouchable seven-season reign on Freeform when the final episodes begin airing next month. It’s enough to make any fans depressed at its impending finale — this writer included — but if you think we have it bad, think about the cast, folks. The Liars got matching tattoos on their “shhhh” fingers to remember the glory days, for goodness sake! But as the cast embarks on their last-ever press tour, some juicy tidbits are bound to emerge: Like, Ian Harding (Ezra) didn’t exactly love the series finale at first. “I read it and I was like, I don’t buy this,” he explained to EW. However, upon having some time to reflect on the finale and its ultimate significance, he ended up changing his tune. “It was until we had shot and wrapped,” he continued, “I was driving home on my last day, slightly teary-eyed, and it landed on me, who and what this whole thing was, and I kind of went [gasps], like, in the car, in traffic.” Other cast members chimed in on what it was like to be at the finale’s table read, with Janel Parish (Mona) saying that “we were all crying” and Shay Mitchell (Emily) opining that she was “blown away.” In the meantime, you have about three months to decide who you want “Uber A” to be.

One Pretty Little Liars Star Wasn’t Too Keen on the Finale