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Sir Patrick Stewart Finally Acknowledges That Kellyanne Conway Is His ‘Twinsie’

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

With Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy dominating Saturday Night Live clips with their respective Donald Trump and Sean “Spicy” Spicer impersonations, it’s no surprise that other actors want to play the juiciest parts on television: President Trump’s administration. While there’s no shortage of white guys with little-to-no-hair for Patrick Stewart to choose from on Trump’s team, the internet has spoken, and the Shakespearean actor clearly is meant to play Kellyanne Conway. Fans pointed out on social media that Stewart bore a striking resemblance to the Trump adviser in pictures from when he dressed in drag to promote his sitcom Blunt Talk. Stewart acknowledged the likeness with his tweet writing, “Twinsies.”

Hopefully Ryan Murphy is paying attention; just imagine the 2016 election-themed season of American Horror Story starring Professor X in a blond wig opposite Sarah Paulson as Trump.

Patrick Stewart Knows Kellyanne Conway Is His ‘Twinsie’