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Patton Oswalt’s Stand-up Routine on Jimmy Kimmel Live Is All Mike Huckabee Tweets

Some of the best comics never write their jokes down. Instead, they figure out what works in front of a live audience, reading the room’s energy, editing and revising in real time. The greats, however, invariably test their best in front of the largest audience of all: the world. While Mike Huckabee himself was apparently unavailable, Patton Oswalt had the time to stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live! and work out some of Huckabee’s best Twitter zingers, which the former Arkansas governor has been going nuts with as of late. Huckabee responded to the bit via tweet this morning, and call this guy Gorsuch Sausage, because he’s on a roll:

Patton Oswalt Does Mike Huckabee Tweets As Stand-up