Patton Oswalt Does Standup on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Mike Huckabee-Style

In case you weren’t aware, Mike Huckabee has taken it upon himself to become a terrible Twitter comedian recently, so during last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Patton Oswalt performed some of Huckabee’s jokes standup-style so we can all finally see Huckabee’s questionable sense of humor in live form. Oswalt does his best to elevate the crappy jokes with his expert delivery, but leave it to a comedian like him to show that, when you have the talent, even a quick line like “Traveling’s weird!” will get bigger laughs than pretty much any tweet Huckabee has sent. Check out the full segment above.

Patton Oswalt Does Standup on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ […]