Pete Davidson Reflects on Being Sober for the First Time in Eight Years

Earlier this week, SNL cast member Pete Davidson revealed on Instagram that he’s been “kinda missing” from the show recently because he quit drugs, and that he’s now “happy and sober for the first time in 8 years.” During his appearance on Opie Radio yesterday, Davidson spoke a little more about his decision to quit everything – alcohol, cigarettes, weed, and shrooms – and he was pretty honest about it. “It really blows. Burr did a bit about it, but it’s so true: The days are so long, and everything sucks.” Davidson has been sober for just three weeks, so he isn’t one to deny that quitting everything at once is a huge challenge: “I’m so bored. It’s so boring!” Still, he said he was getting tired of having the “drug guy” reputation at SNL, and he credits the show and Lorne Michaels for supporting him throughout the process: “He’s been honestly the most supportive dude around. And everybody at the show’s been really positive and really helpful.” And his advice for getting through it? “You just gotta eat up time, and then you feel better.” Watch the full clip above.

Pete Davidson Reflects on Being Sober for the First […]