‘Problematic with Moshe Kasher’ Premieres on Comedy Central Next Month

Back in September, Comedy Central ordered a new weekly series from Moshe Kasher and @midnight’s Alex Blagg called Problematic, and today the network revealed the premiere date: Tuesday, April 18th at 10:00pm. “I see myself as the Phil Donahue of the Internet Age except not as funny or dialed into millennial culture,” Kasher said on the show last year. “This show will create a safe space for offensive comedy and more importantly engender conversations that will completely end all acrimony, racism, sexism, trolling and whatever else you find offensive online once and for all. I promise.” Here’s the official logline:

From the mind of comedian Moshe Kasher, Problematic is a hyper-modern take on the casual daytime talk format of the 1980s, reimagined into a joke-fueled show for the digital generation. It’s a talk show that actually talks. Each episode of Problematic will delve into a single topic of online outrage – impeachment, the dark web, ideological changes of heart, the liberal case for guns, and more – and examine how it shapes our culture. With the help of experts, comedians, and questions from both the in-studio and online audience, Kasher will solve every problem that has ever existed by the end of the episode, bringing peace and harmony to the internet once and for all while paving the way for a Winfrey/Schwarzenegger co-presidency in 2020.

The show has an interesting mix of producers from both the comedy and news worlds, with Alex Blagg serving as a co-executive producer and Meaghan Rady – who has worked on The Today Show and NBC Nightly News – serving as showrunner. Check out a teaser for the series below:

‘Problematic with Moshe Kasher’ Premieres on Comedy […]