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Rachel Bilson Is Joining Nashville, Lest That Hart of Dixie Twang Get Rusty

Rachel Bilson. Photo: The CW

With Connie Britton giving up the reembodied ghost that is Nashville, the CMT drama is in major need of new well-tressed blood. Fear not, though, because according to Deadline, Nashville is adding Rachel Bilson and Kaitlin Doubleday to its cast. No details about their characters have been released, but both will join for the second half of season five. Doubleday is known for her role on fellow music drama Empire, while Bilson most recently toyed with inflecting a slight twang on Hart of Dixie, so sounds like a good fit for all. But will it be enough to fill Connie Britton’s shoes? Hard to say, Rachel Bilson is really tiny.

Rachel Bilson to Put Hart of Dixie Twang to Use on Nashville