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Rachel Maddow Discusses How She Confirmed Trump’s Tax Return Is Real

If you’re like most people who are constantly on the internet, one tweet from Rachel Maddow declaring she had obtained Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return was enough to derail your entire Tuesday night. What else could make you that desperate to find an MSNBC livestream? While a guest on The Tonight Show, Maddow laid out the timeline of events, from receiving the tax return from Daily Beast contributor David Cay Johnston, to having it confirmed by the White House in the eleventh hour and, of course, subsequently being called “fake news” by the president himself. Verifying the validity of the forms took so long, The Rachel Maddow Show had even gone so far as to write and book an entire alternate episode, making it one of the only times anyone’s guests were probably really psyched to get bumped.

Rachel Maddow On How She Confirmed Trump Tax Return Is Real