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Here’s a Friendly Reminder That David Lynch Used to Do Kooky Weather Reports

As the anticipation for the upcoming Twin Peaks revival continues to creep up on us à la Bob in Laura Palmer’s bedroom, David Lynch is doing us all a favor by granting a few interviews to talk about anything except, well, Twin Peaks itself. His first sit-down comes from the folks over at GQ, in which Lynch waxes poetic about the joys of transcendental meditation and the time he gave Elizabeth Taylor a smooch, among other things. It’s a nice talk, but the real standout moment came from his “best friend” and muse Laura Dern, who weighed in with the following comment: “He really is making art 24 hours a day. You’re at his house, and if he’s not cutting or writing or shooting, he’s in the woodshop making furniture, or he’s painting, or he’s filming birds, or telling the weather.” Ah, yes, Lynch likes to wo — wait, hold on, what’s this you say about the weather?

In the mid-2000s, Lynch occasionally released online weather reports—“Here in L.A., beautiful blue skies. Some puffy white clouds”—that reclaimed meteorology for the Dadaists. Between this and the TM and the rites, it sounds like Lynch does everything he can to banish the opportunity for that darkness to creep in.

Yes, that’s right. After honing the masterpieces of Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire, David Lynch was straight-up chillin’ in his house to report on the consistently excellent weather of Los Angeles. And his videos are … a sight to be seen. (And full of nice adjectives.) Let’s start with this one, in which he delights in mentioning the “muted golden sunshine.”

There’s “very little blue showing through” this time around.

Nothing can beat a “nice little breeze.”

Nice of him to give Celsius and Twitter a shoutout.

Lynch eventually stopped filming his meteorological insights, to which we ask: why? Maybe he’ll start up again … 25 years later.

Reminder: David Lynch Used to Do Kooky Weather Reports