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Robyn Reunited With Girls Last Night to Tease Her New Song

Girls and Robyn will forever be synonymous thanks to that immortalized scene in season one where Hannah Horvath worked out her endless emotions with an impromptu dance party in her room with Marnie to Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.” (Remember, this was back when Hannah and Marnie were both still “good” friends, a little endearing, and slightly likable.) As the series nears its end, it will go out as it came in: with Robyn soundtracking the best moments. (Spoilers follow!) At the end of last night’s episode, “Full Disclosure,” as it dawns on Hannah that she and Adam may have unfinished business — or at the very least that what they had will soon be validated in Adam’s film about their relationship — she’s played to credits by an old friend.

In comes a new and ever-infectious song from Robyn that, according to sleuths who Shazammed it, is called “Honey.” Robyn teased her reunion with Girls on Facebook in the lead-up to the episode, but said nothing of the specifics. In a new post on Instagram, Robyn has explained that “Honey” is one of many songs she’s been working on that Lena Dunham heard and wanted to use for Girls, but it was unfinished at the time; Robyn made the version heard in the episode specially for the show. “I wouldn’t want to miss out on making music for Adam’s movie for anything,” she wrote. Lena added: “We knew the last season needed some Robyn – after all, Hannah would not be Hannah without a lot of dancing on her own.” (She also confirms that Robyn is working on a new album.) Endure a scene of Adam and fake Hannah’s meet-cute from his film talking over “Honey” in the clip above to really get the full effect. And listen to a rip of the song below.

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Robyn Teased a New Song on Girls Last Night