Roy Wood Jr. Attempts to Save Meals on Wheels by Militarizing It on ‘The Daily Show’

In light of the recent news that Trump’s proposed budget includes heartlessly cutting programs like Meals on Wheels but tons of money for defense, Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. correspondent came up with a very inspired idea that he shared during last night’s show: rebranding Meals on Wheels as another military force called MEAL Team 6. “If we look and act like the military when delivering food, we can trick the president and protect Meals on Wheels,” Wood says. “The survival of this unit is predicated upon us delivering sustenance to those who need it. I’m talking about milk. I’m talking about bread. I’m talking about protein. I’m talking about the whole damn food pyramid!” Surely with this new approach, we can successfully trick Trump into finally supporting Meals on Wheels and the many elderly veterans who depend on it every day.

Roy Wood Jr. Attempts to Save Meals on Wheels by […]