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Turns Out, Ed Sheeran Is Just a Rupert Grint Character That Got Way Out of Hand

As some of you have suspected for years, Ed Sheeran was, in fact, an acting exercise created by Rupert Grint. The Snatch actor tearfully revealed the truth while a guest on MTV this week, saying that Ed Sheeran is simply an amalgam of fun character specifics, like all those tattoos and the fact that he is constantly getting injured or injuring other people or the absurd amount of sex he was allegedly having with all of Taylor Swift’s friends. None of it was real. But, hey, don’t cry because it’s over. Cry because Rupert Grint has agreed to stay in his self-imposed bespectacled prison just to make you happy. That’s what Sheeran’s album Divide is secretly about.

Ed Sheeran Is a Rupert Grint Character That Got Out of Hand