Russian Foreign Ministry Says Russian Ambassador Would Be ‘Happy’ to Meet With Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City. Photo: HBO

If ever you couldn’t help but wonder before, it may be time to help wondering now. Sarah Jessica Parker’s endorsement of idle curiosity met a strange end on Friday, after the erstwhile Carrie Bradshaw reposted a Sex and the City meme of Carrie at her laptop, not helping but wonder, “Had the Russian ambassador been meeting with everybody except me?” Apparently, despite Carrie’s personally rocky relationship with a Russian once upon a time, the joke landed, and the Russian government offered to make a meet-and-greet with Russia’s U.S. ambassador Sergey Kislyak happen. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mara Zakharova tweeted: “If #SarahJessicaParker desperately wants to meet Russian Ambassador to US -anything is possible. Sergey Ivanovich will be happy.” Presumably they can both talk pee.

Russian Ambassador Would Meet With Sarah Jessica Parker