Russia Won’t Ban Beauty and the Beast for That ‘Exclusively Gay Moment,’ But There Will Be an Age Restriction

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Russia’s culture ministry has announced that Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast — in which Gaston’s notorious sidekick LeFou is gay — won’t be banned. Instead, the live-action adaption will come with an age restriction so only audiences over 16 can be privy to the movie’s “exclusively gay moment.” A representative for the culture ministry said the movie will otherwise be released normally. “We are issuing an exhibition license to the movie without any problems,” Vyacheslav Tyelnov, head of the culture ministry’s film department, told according to The Hollywood Reporter. Tyelnov’s decision comes on the heels of criticism of the live-action movie’s interpretation of LeFou: Another Russian legislator, Vitaly Milonov, pushed the culture ministry to make sure the movie doesn’t break a Russian law that prohibits “gay propaganda against minors.” In a letter to Tyelnov, Milonov said the government should “not allow the release of this musical on the screen under any guise,” according to the Guardian. What’re the odds Jeff Sessions discussed a Beauty and the Beast ban in his secret meeting with the Russians?

Russia Gives Beauty and the Beast an Age Restriction