Samantha Bee Apologizes to Cancer Patient for Accidentally Making Fun of His ‘Nazi Hair’

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for The Women’s Med

In a Full Frontal segment last night, Samantha Bee’s show poked fun at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). “Just last year, CPAC was dominated by Ted Cruz supporters and chirpy little shits with bow ties, but Donald Trump, worried about a poor reception, canceled his appearance,” a Full Frontal producer and correspondent, Michael Rubens, said. Then, in a quick montage of identical haircuts, his voice-over remarked: “This year, the bow ties were gone and replaced by Nazi hair, Nazi hair, Nazi hair.” One CPAC attendee featured in the montage, however, had the closely cropped cut as a result of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for brain cancer. Kyle Coddington, a contributor to the conservative news blog Outset, flagged his appearance in Bee’s segment: “It’s not a Nazi haircut,” he tweeted. “Richard Spencer’s is, but mine’s from cancer.”

Bee and her staff apologized for the joke, and have removed the “Long Day’s Journey Into CPAC” segment from their YouTube channel entirely.

Rubens also apologized online and said Full Frontal is donating to an appropriate charity.

Samantha Bee Apologizes to Cancer Patient for Nazi Joke