Samantha Bee Chats with Bassem Youssef About Comedy and Resistance Under Dictatorship

Here’s a clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee heads to the bunker to chat with Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef – AKA “the Egyptian Samantha Bee,” according to Samantha Bee – about his experience hosting a satirical political news show that ultimately got him exiled from his country for mocking the dictators in power. While Bee hopes Youssef can offer up some easy shortcuts to resisting Donald Trump here in the US, his response is a little more complicated. “I know that you guys have these fancy ideas of resisting and revolting, but we had Mubarak, who was the president for 30 years – also known in the Middle East as a very short first term. But you need at least a couple more decades of dictatorship to know how to resist,” he says. “Decades? That’s not going to work. Americans don’t like to wait. We get annoyed when we have to stir the mac and cheese halfway through the microwaving,” Bee replies. Youssef: “Good luck with the revolution.”

Samantha Bee Chats with Bassem Youssef About Comedy […]