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Samantha Bee Thinks Trump Is Overcompensating for Something in His ‘Hard-Power’ Budget

When White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney addressed the press with President Trump’s so-called “hard power budget,” which drastically cuts funding to the EPA, the State Department, Health and Human Services, and more in favor of pumping up military spending, he made a suspicious claim: The cuts proposed in the plan are just like the normal everyday budget adjustments. But Sam Bee is skeptical. “This kind of sounds like when an insecure guy tries to make his penis look bigger by shaving down everything else around it,” she said. If you’re not convinced that Trump’s budget is an attempt by Trump to overcompensate for something, just listen to Mulvaney emphasize the word “hard” over and over, like a sexually suggestive mantra.

Sam Bee Breaks Down Trump’s Phallic ‘Hard-Power Budget’