Samantha Bee Is Saving Local Journalism One Small-Town Newspaper at a Time

With all of Donald Trump’s complaints about the “fake news” of publications like The New York Times, it can be easy to forget that there are tons of local newspapers out there struggling to get through these tough times. Thankfully, during last night’s Full Frontal Samantha Bee delved deeper into the problems local journalists are facing with New Brunswick Today editor Charlie Kratovil, whose paper had less than 100 subscribers prior to the interview. After getting some help from Gabe Zichermann, Bee puts the concept of gamification to use in an attempt to improve New Brunswick Today’s subscriber count, resulting in an incredibly impressive 400% increase and counting. So, other local newspapers, take notice: “Maybe with a little luck, a sprinkle of civic engagement, and a healthy dose of hedonism, local journalism will survive.”

Samantha Bee Is Saving Local Journalism One Small-Town […]