Samantha Bee Looks Back on Another Very Unpresidential Week for Donald Trump

Here’s a clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee recaps last week’s very bizarre lineup of Trump updates, from all the news pundit praise he received for sounding “presidential” during his address to Congress to running off to his Mar-a-Lago “safe space” after his big moment got upstaged by more leaks, rising suspicions over his ties to Russia, and his own accusations that President Obama wiretapped him. “So, to recap: President Tough Guy got his feelings hurt because his special Bridezilla moment got stepped on by drama between his two boyfriends, so of course he fished up a victimization narrative from the propaganda swamp and hystericaly ugly-cried it all over the internet, forcing professional journalists to spend the next 72 hours talking to Mike Huckabee’s daughter about whether the most scandal-free president in living memory is a bigger criminal than Nixon. It’s bananas!” Bee says. “The other pundits are so eager to declare Donald Trump ‘presidential,’ and in one way, he is – namely, when he spouts nonsense, it has immediate global consequences. It makes us less safe…because he’s the fucking president! And if there’s no one on his staff brave enough to tell their boss that there’s only one P in ‘tap,’ there certainly isn’t anyone brave enough to tell him that Obama isn’t running a coup.”

Samantha Bee Looks Back on Another Very Unpresidential […]