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Samantha Bee Holds Donald Trump to Higher Standards Than a Potty-Training Toddler

From the president’s first address to joint sessions of Congress to his accusation that he was wiretapped by Barack Obama, last week was a long one in the age of Donald Trump. Samantha Bee tackled the bulk of it on Wednesday’s Full Frontal, demanding to know why the leader of the free world gets the easy pass self-esteem boosts of a “toddler who just made a boom-boom on the big boy potty.” And while we’re mixing metaphors, can Trump’s staff not treat him like “a dangerously strong show chimp that you have to bribe with Diet Pepsi so he won’t tear your face off”? Now, now, let’s not be unkind. Surely he’d accept Diet Coke too.

Samantha Bee Needs Everyone to Stop Coddling Donald Trump