Arnold Schwarzenegger Has a Theory About Donald Trump: ‘I Think He’s in Love With Me’

Photo: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

When President Trump isn’t tweeting explosive theories about his predecessor, President Obama, he’s been known to throw shade at his Celebrity Apprentice successor Arnold Schwarzenegger. When the former California governor was asked about Trump’s comments, like the jokes at the National Prayer Breakfast and most recent Twitter attack, on The Michael Smerconish Program, Schwarzenegger gave the same simple explanation a parent might give their daughter for why that boy keeps tugging on her pigtails. “I think he’s in love with me,” the actor said. Of course, that aforementioned theoretical parent should probably not be excusing such rude and harmful behavior and speak to the teacher in charge of this out-of-control Twitter account — ahem, classroom. Hear the clip here. Trump is brought up at the 7:35 mark.

Schwarzenegger’s Trump Theory:‘I Think He’s in Love with Me’