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Sean Hannity Loves Dave Chappelle So Much That He Wouldn’t Stop Sending Him Tequila Shots One Night

There are plenty of unexplained phenomena in our universe, but we have to sideline those for a few moments to fixate on something a bit more pressing: Sean Hannity really, really loves Dave Chappelle. A lot! At least according to Norman Reedus, who swung by The Tonight Show to reminisce about his friendship with Chappelle — they ride motorcycles together, it’s pretty cute — and recount the first time they met. And as it turns out, they kept being oddly interrupted by a certain Fox News host at dinner. “When I first met Dave, Sean Hannity kept sending us tequila shots,” he explained to a flummoxed Jimmy Fallon. “Right?! He ran into Dave, and I guess he geeked out on Dave, and he kept sending the table tequila shots. It was so weird. It became a running thing.” What a world.

Sean Hannity Is a Huge Dave Chappelle Fan, Sent Him Shots