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Sean Spicer, Beware: Melissa McCarthy Is Watching You and Taking Notes

Photo: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, Melissa’s watching you, Spicey. Melissa McCarthy delighted the nation with her instantly classic Saturday Night Live impression of Press Secretary Sean Spicer during two episodes earlier this year, and if you were worried that she might not reprise her role, you thought wrong. (She’s hosting SNL in May, after all!) Not only will she be breaking out the Spicey impression for another go (or two?), but McCarthy explained that she’s hard at work nailing Spicer’s mannerisms as best as she possibly can. “I’m just watching and observing,” she told USA Today. “I hope for everyone to have clarity and better things to say. And in the meantime, I just squirrel away notes.” Additionally, we now have a little origin story of the impression: SNL co-head writer, McCarthy’s friend Kent Sublette, successfully pitched the idea, although McCarthy was a little skeptical at first. “He called me when he knew I was in New York, so he gets all the credit for that,” she said. “At first I thought, ‘What are you talking about?’ And he’s like, ‘I just think we have to have an outlet for how so many people are feeling.’”

To Spicer’s credit, he’s been pretty receptive to McCarthy’s, uh, rather unhinged impression of him. He’s said that he thought her sketches were “funny” despite wanting to see her “dial it back” a little bit, and recently joked about it at a White House press briefing. He’s got a funny bone!

Sean Spicer, Beware: Melissa McCarthy Is Watching You