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Baby Driver Trailer: Edgar Wright Takes on Dumb Names and Fast Cars

It’s hard to imagine more exciting Ansel Elgort content than the music video for “Thief,” but by the grace of God, the trailers for Baby Driver manages to be just that. The movie finally marks the directorial return of Edgar Wright in the wake of 2013’s The World’s End, and like most everything Edgar Wright does, Baby Driver looks good. The crime-comedy stars Elgort as Baby (this post is a safe place, and no Dirty Dancing jokes are welcome), a getaway driver who tries to get out of the game when he falls in love with a waitress. That doesn’t prove too easy, thanks to a local criminal element played by the likes of Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, and Kevin Spacey, and that’s before you add in the measure of difficulty that comes with Baby’s lifelong tinnitus, a condition he copes with through a constant stream of bangin’ tunes. You know what they say, love is a drum.

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver Trailer: Time to Face the Music