Ariana Grande Is the Rose to John Legend’s Not-So-Beastly Prince in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Music Video

Cue the indoor fireworks — literal fireworks, not chemistry between co-stars. Leading up to the March 17 release date of the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, Ariana Grande and John Legend unleashed a music video with their rendition of the musical’s most famous number. In it, Belle (Emma Watson) and the Beast are dancing away the night and don’t seem to notice all the sparkly CGI-created fireworks going off or that they’re sharing the castle’s ballroom with two very famous pop stars. Legend is dressed like some sort of prince while Grande takes over as the living embodiment of the film’s rose, which is kind of a weird choice, given that the rose signifies the curse that is trapping the beast in his animal-like body and could kill him if he doesn’t find love. Who wants that showing up and imitating Angela Lansbury but without the discernible consonants?

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