Watch Cynthia Nixon Inhabit Emily Dickinson in This Exclusive Clip From A Quiet Passion

Unless you’re a student of poetry, you’re likely most familiar with Emily Dickinson from high-school English class — and maybe you think of her as a little on the dreary side. The great British filmmaker Terence Davies — most recently director of The Deep Blue Sea, with Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston, and Sunset Song — would like to change that, with the extremely qualified help of Cynthia Nixon, whose stunning performance in 2015’s James White is still fresh. Nixon’s Dickinson is a full-blooded, well-rounded character, far from the stereotype of isolation that tends to dog the poet. As proof, check out — on World Poetry Day, no less! — this exclusive clip from Davies’s A Quiet Passion, which will be released by Music Box Films in New York on April 14, as well as the debut of the U.S. trailer, below.

Cynthia Nixon Becomes Emily Dickinson in Quiet Passion Clip