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Dan and Darlene Share an Overdue Moment in Roseanne Reunion Clip

During its nine-year run, Roseanne was deeply uncool and all the better for it. There’s one hip trend, though, that Roseanne might be catching up with: revival fever. As any and all breed of intellectual property gets a shot at rebirth, John Goodman stopped by Sara Gilbert’s The Talk on Friday, and the two brought back the plaid for old times’ sake. In the new scene, Darlene finally starts to confide in Dan about some personal truths, though, these things take time and there’s a game to watch. Fortunately, we could be in store for more, as both Goodman and Gilbert later said they’d be down to make more of the show. You know, just so long as a workaround is found for that pesky Dan dying thing. God forbid, might the lottery timeline be restored?

Dan and Darlene Share an Overdue Moment in New Roseanne Clip