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Here’s John Legend as Frederick Douglass, Who Is Being Recognized More and More

Behold. Photo: Steve Dietl/WGN America

The second season of Underground will debut next week on WGN, and Entertainment Weekly has a first look at the introduction of Frederick Douglass onto the show. Executive producer John Legend will play the famed 19th-century abolitionist, who you may recognize as someone that’s been getting recognized “more and more” lately for the great work he did more than a century ago on behalf of human rights. We see Douglass here at a stately soirée of some kind, and even though he’s animating the visage of a storied revolutionary, Legend is not letting that embroidered waistcoat or those wide brocade lapels wear him. The character won’t have a long arc on the show, so if you want to see Legend in all this glamour, make sure to tune in for his episode on April 5. Hopefully the President is setting his DVR, so he can put a face to the name of this hard-working American. At long last.

See John Legend As Frederick Douglass on Underground